Employer Benefits

The M2SD Certification credential is a differentiator in a crowded field of candidates. It signals a commitment to a broader investment tool kit and a differentiator in a room of fundamental analysts. Make it an important part of your hiring practices and development programs.

Why it looks good for the firm:

History repeats itself in economic cycles specifically in Macro Economics. Providing the tools for investment professionals to become experts in Macro Economics will round out their understanding of financial investments and portfolio management.

The M2SD Delivers Five Primary Benefits to your company


Employee Retention

Non-monetary compensation is high on the list of desirable benefits for employees today. According to PNC, career development matters, and great employees want to an opportunity to grow in their roles.


Client Retention

Better employees help create more satisfied, sticky clients. Investment professionals that can speak confidently about the macro backdrop help clients to better understand their performance results.


Increased Alpha

Recent academic research* has found that “accumulated wisdom…has a positive relationship with manager skill.” Understanding the macro backdrop in a historical context improves performance around the business cycle.



The community of successful M2SD designation holders will provide ample networking opportunities for candidates. This will increase employees’ knowledge base and also promote new client onboarding.


Research Access

Candidates actively enrolled in the M2SD program will receive complimentary access to the portfolio strategy reports and screens published by Trahan Macro Research.

A Flexible Choice For Employees And Employers

  • The M2SD shows a commitment to practical professional education above and beyond academic training.
  • Can be pursued while remaining a full-time professional
  • Ensure employees remain up to date – Continuing Education?
  • Leverage the M2SD network to source qualified candidates
  • Builds bonds among M2SD candidates and designees within offices and across global locations, regardless of roles.
  • Retain employees by offering to pay for or reimburse employees for the program

Gain Business Advantages

  • Uniquely positions practitioners to serve clients’ needs.
  • Helps build positive client relationships that win and retain business.
  • Offers firm and investor protection and reduces risk exposure.
  • Attests to practitioners’ annual confirmation of  adherence with a mandatory Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

Commitment to Professional Status

  • Demonstrates superior practitioner and team competence underpinned by ethics.
  • Adheres to complementary compliance codes and standards—Asset Manager Code and Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).
  • Fosters recognition and partnership in the global marketplace through a shared credential.
  • Strengthens a disciplined, profession-focused working environment driven by customer goals.

Respect & Recognition

  • The M2SD credential is the only accreditation of its kind solely focused on Macro Economics and the importance it plays in investment selection;
  • Deepens you investment professionals knowledge base and ability to read the current economic cycles and providing unique insight and advice to clients;
  • Is mission-driven and industry-attuned, building on 50+ years of proven leadership;
  • Offers members access to the latest financial research, thought leadership, and continuing education; and
  • Provides an active hiring network and access to our Career Center talent tools.


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